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Thinking Outside of Traditional Job Models

Tara Knobel shares her thoughts on how jobs – and talent – are changing

Lex Gillette

World record-holding Paralympian Lex Gillette of North Carolina Joins Team AMS

We’re proud to announce that Lex Gillette, three-time Paralympic Games long jump silver medallist has joined as a member of Team AMS.

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Alexander Mann Solutions Launches Belfast Global Client Service Centre to Support Global Growth Demands

The launch of the new centre in Belfast is supported by Invest Northern Ireland (Invest NI) and the region’s Department for Employment & Learning.

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Retaining Talent, Promoting Mobility and Engaging Every Step of the Way

When you pull out some of the positives – progression, opportunity, advantage – the benefits of internal mobility are well known

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The End of the Human Recruiter Is Near

Maria Wilkowska, Sourcing Specialist at Alexander Mann Solutions, shares a view on the future of recruitment

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